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Our Mission Is Clear:
To make better decisions with data

Data Strategy Services is committed to empowering businesses with the tools necessary for informed decision making. By utilizing data and evidence-based strategies, we hope to help businesses and organization staff feel confident in their decision making, as well as make it easier to create more effective solutions to meet program goals.

Recognizing how crucial data utilization is in shaping program outcomes, especially in a post COVID-19 world, our public health consultants at Data Strategy Services work to provide clients with data visualizations, analyses, and insights to decrease the burden data can have on employees and increase the quality of care they are able to provide their program participants.

Established in 2015 as a female and minority-owned enterprise, Data Strategy Services originated from years of experience in the Emergency Department. Evolving and expanding from North Carolina to Texas in 2019 and subsequently incorporating Colorado, we achieved legal business status in 2023. The aftermath of the pandemic underscored the critical deficiencies in healthcare systems, arousing widespread public interest in public health.


This realization, combined with experience across private, nonprofit, and federal domains, motivated us to bridge gaps in communication, enhance patient outcomes, and fortify community preparedness. While our forte lies in public health and healthcare systems, our expansion has propelled us into diverse industries, including educational programs, commercial ventures, and personalized family support, all rooted in our adept use of data and services.


Our team comprises professionals holding master's degrees in public health, epidemiology, statistics, or nursing. Geographically dispersed across the United States, our staff's diverse locations ensure comprehensive coverage and accessible support for our clientele.


Furthermore, our team boasts certifications from esteemed organizations such as the American Heart Association for CPR/First Aid, APIC for CIC and LTC CIC certifications, and proficiency in Six Sigma methodologies. Additionally, we hold CPH certifications and memberships in prestigious associations such as CSTE, APIC, APHA, Medicaid/Medicare, and the Office of Head Start, reflecting our commitment to ongoing professional development and active participation in national conferences.


At Data Strategy Services, we believe in the transformative power of data across industries, leveraging our expertise to drive impactful outcomes while consistently expanding our horizons to meet evolving needs.

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