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STAY FUNDED & EFFICIENT: Leveraging Our Compliance Expertise

At Data Strategy Services, we understand the challenges Head Start programs face in meeting the regulations set by the Office of Head Start, as well as state and local requirements. Hiring a Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC) is an investment in the future of your early care and education operation (ECE). Recognizing that not all stakeholders have the capacity for extensive data analysis, we are committed to alleviating this burden and streamlining the compliance process. Understanding the critical need for accurate and timely data, we specialize in providing essential reports and tools necessary for securing funding. Our services include:


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  1. Customized PDF Creation: Tailoring reports and documents to meet the specific needs of your facility, ensuring that all compliance-related information is accurately captured and presented.

  2. Training Programs: Offering training sessions to educate staff about the latest developments and best practices in health education, sanitation, and disease prevention.

  3. Compliance and Standards Mastery: Navigating regulations and standards can be daunting. We simplify this. We ensure your program not only complies with regulations but also excels in meeting and exceeding standards.

  4. Updated USDA Recalls Information: Providing facilities with current USDA food and consumer product recalls to ensure the safety of the children, families, and staff at the program.

  5. Tailored Support and Planning: We will work closely with you to plan, implement, improve, and evaluate health and safety practices. This tailored support ensures that solutions are not just effective but also perfectly suited to the unique needs of your ECE program.

  6. CDC Links and Resources: Offering easy access to important Centers for Disease Control (CDC) resources, beneficial for both staff and families, to stay informed about health and safety guidelines.

The role of a CCHC goes beyond safety. We are pivotal in promoting practices that ensure the safe and healthy development of every child in your care. By utilizing Data Strategy Services LLC, your facility can stay ahead of compliance requirements, ensuring uninterrupted funding and the highest standards of health education and safety. We create and update a customized dashboard unique for your business.

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We create a unique dashboard for each program we partner with to allow for a quick up-to-date glance at the overall health data collected. From there, we are happy to discuss specific reports or presentations needed to help your business thrive. Reports provided in the past have included yearly PIR reports, quarterly and monthly reviews, relevant communicable disease outbreak information, and more.

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Data Strategy Services has been a dedicated partner to Head Start and Early Head Start since 2018, specializing in data collection, compliance, and reporting. Our passion aligns with Head Start's mission, and we excel in gathering and analyzing the data you need to run a safe and sufficiently funded operation. 

By hiring a Child Care Health Consultant, you're not just meeting a standard; you're setting a new one. It's a proactive step towards ensuring that every child in your care is in a setting that's as healthy and safe as it is nurturing and educational. Our services significantly ease the workload of your staff, enabling you to focus on enhancing healthy outcomes for your children, students, and prenatal women that you service. 

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We work closely with health departments both at the state and local levels.  We review the Office of Head Start's official communications daily and any revisions they make to their requirements. Those changes are appropriately reported to our clients so we can stay ahead of any changes that could impact your operations. The changes we recommend to you will only be the best practices based on CDC and state guidance and what is required by the Office of Head Start.  

For additional questions referring to specific policies, please contact your district representative of the Office of Head Start. 

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