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Empower Your Team with Life-Saving Skills: Certifications & First Aid Training

At Data Strategy Services, we're dedicated to empowering not just businesses, but communities and individuals with essential skills and knowledge. In a world where preparedness can make all the difference, our Certifications & First Aid Training programs are designed to equip anyone – from individuals to large industries, churches to nonprofits – with the expertise to save lives.

Comprehensive Training for Every Need

Our range of training programs is diverse and inclusive, ensuring there's something for everyone:

American Heart Association Certified + Lead

  • CPR/First Aid/AED Training: Essential skills for emergency situations, suitable for anyone willing to be a first responder in critical moments.

  • Blood Borne Pathogen Training: Vital for those who might encounter such risks in their line of work, ensuring safety and proper handling.

  • Babysitter Training: Equipping young adults and caregivers with the skills to care for children safely and responsibly.


Additionally, we offer a full list of courses certified by the American Heart Association, ensuring you receive training that's recognized and trusted globally.


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Customized Training for Specific Needs

Understanding that different environments have different requirements, we offer the option to customize training. Whether it's Narcan administration, EpiPen use, or other specialized certifications, our programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Expanding Our Offerings

We're constantly striving to enhance our training portfolio. Soon, we hope to include more certified instructors for Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, and other crucial training programs. This expansion means more options and flexibility for you and your organization.


Data Strategy Services isn't just about data; it's about making a real, tangible difference in communities and workplaces. Our training programs go beyond traditional learning, offering practical, life-saving skills that can make a crucial difference in emergencies.


Join us in our mission to create safer, more prepared environments everywhere. Whether for personal knowledge, workplace readiness, or community safety, our Certifications & First Aid Training programs are here to empower you.

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