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At Data Strategy Services, we offer specialized support for Medical and Disease Outbreak Management, catering to a wide range of facilities grappling with outbreaks of various kinds. From scabies and C.diff to COVID-19 and RSV/flu, our services extend to diverse settings such as schools, restaurants, offices, and even unique environments like coal mines. We understand the importance of timely and effective outbreak management, and our expertise is designed to support key healthcare personnel including Directors of Nursing, Chief Medical Officers, Infection Preventionists, and Epidemiologists.

Comprehensive Outbreak Management Support

Our approach to outbreak management is holistic and immediate. We provide 24-hour access to on-call epidemiologists, ensuring that facilities have expert guidance at their fingertips for effective reporting and management of outbreaks. This round-the-clock availability is crucial for timely response and containment of any infectious disease.


Moreover, we offer specialized recommendations for isolation and quarantine, tailored to the specific incubation and infectious periods of the outbreak in question. Our goal is to significantly reduce the risk of further spread, ensuring the safety of both those within the facility and the broader community.


Facilities also have 24-hour access to on-call nurses for specimen collection purposes, a service that is vital for accurate diagnosis and effective response to any outbreak. This immediate access to professional medical assistance ensures that samples are collected and handled correctly, facilitating prompt and precise testing.

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Tools for Public Health Education and Vulnerable Populations

In addition to immediate outbreak response, we provide public health educator tools. These resources are invaluable for facilities in communicating effectively about outbreaks, promoting awareness, and educating both staff and the public on preventive measures and best practices.

Recognizing the importance of serving vulnerable populations, we also offer recommendations tailored to settings such as free clinics and community events. These recommendations include guidance on managing outbreaks in these environments and initiatives like car seat distribution to ensure broader community health and safety.


Unique 24-Hour Access to Public Health Resources

A standout feature of our service is the 24-hour access to public health resources. This continuous availability is vital in an environment where time is of the essence, and quick, informed decisions can make a significant difference in outbreak management.


Data Strategy Services is committed to empowering facilities with the necessary tools and knowledge for effective medical and disease outbreak management. Our services ensure that you are never alone in facing these challenges, with expert support available any time of the day or night.

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